How much editorial content is available?

Number of newspapers and magazines

Average global sales price

Content produced every day by newspapers and magazines

Market size for tradable content (17.5%)

Archive content by newspapers and magazines per year

Potential turnover Contenno

While billions of images, videos and music are traded online every year text licensing and syndication have been very limited. The various innovations of Contenno including automatic translation, trend-based pricing and text adaptation enable global text content trading for the first time.

How big are comparable markets?

Revenue Photo Licensing (biggest players)

  • Annual Revenue

Revenue News Agencies (biggest players)

  • Annual Revenue Print Only

How does Contenno make money?

Contenno trades content from editorial content providers: Magazines and Newspapers on a global platform in English language.
Magazines and Newspapers from all over the world acquire publishing rights for editorial content in their language.
Contenno charges a commission to the seller between 15% and 45%

How will Contenno perform?

Buyers/Sellers on Contenno

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Content Sold per Quarter

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Revenue Contenno

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  • Revenue Contenno

How much money does Contenno need?

2019 550000€
2020 450000€
2021 0€

Contenno Timeline and Benchmarks

100 articles per month - august 2019 25%
100 registered buyers and sellers - december 2019 50%
100 articles per day - june 2020 75%
Break even - Juni 2020 100%